Built for the new economy

We’re building innovative financial infrastructure to scale the digital economy and create opportunities for everyone without exception. We’re on a mission to simplify payments and revolutionize the way money works for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our features

Easy and quick onboarding

Open a Verge account online in just 5 minutes, it’s completely paperless and you can sign up anywhere.

Global money transfer

Send money worldwide at the best rates. Make global payouts to over 130+ countries, seamlessly.

Accept payments

Accept localized payment methods your customers actually want to use. Receive SEPA and UK faster payments via bank transfers.

Affordable credit line

Get access to a flexible Credit Line where you only pay for what you use so you’re always in control.

Advanced analytics

See where you’re making and spending money in real-time. Get AI-powered insights for better decision making.

Business automation tools

Verge is a next-gen payment service, which helps you to automate business operation including invoicing, expenses, accounting and payroll.

Easy bulk payouts

Make bulk payouts to vendors and employees. Automate subscriptions, recurring payments and direct debits.

Simplified payment gateway

Intuitive, modern and easy to use payment gateway which allows you to collect card payments online and in-person

Safe and secure

All the data we hold are encrypted and cryptographically verified making our platform secure and ready for the future.

You can have a say about the features you want to see

Trusted by innovative businesses

Forward thinking organizations of all sizes trust Verge to grow their business

Verge for Corporates

Whether you're a big business or a small business, we provide the right support with business finance, a business current account, card and a payment terminal

Verge for Entrepreneurs

We support sole traders, gig economy workers, freelancers and digital entrepreneurs at every stage of their business endeavours

Verge for Digital Business

We support non-traditional and digital businesses to pay and get paid, and seamlessly manage their finances. Being digital natives ourselves, we understand their peculiar needs

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